Thank you for visiting us at JDM of Miami. We are located in Miami, Florida. Our goal is to provide you with quality used engines, transmissions, and parts at the best possible prices. We specialize in high performance motors and diesel engines. All our engines and transmissions are imported directly from Japan in good running condition and with low mileage. Our technicians test each JDM of Miami engine for compression & leak down. We will never knowingly sell you a defective item because we pride ourselves on being honest and trustworthy. Our eBay store items show only actual pictures of the actual motors for sale, not sample pictures. You can buy with confidence knowing the engine you see is only the one you will receive. We import only high quality engines and transmissions directly from the most reliable suppliers in Japan.

Why Used Engines from Japan?

Japan’s public transportation system is one of the most advanced in the world. Bullet trains, subways, and public buses criss-cross the entire country. Still, traffic is very heavy due to the size of the population. For these reasons they prefer to use public transportation while keeping their own cars in the garage. Cars are used mostly on weekends or daily to get to a train station. The average yearly automobile mileage is approximately 5,000 miles. Additionally, Japanese citizens must have their cars inspected every two years. The clean air laws strictly regulate the inspection process, which covers almost every component of the car. Compliance with these laws can cost as much as 20% of the value of the car. Gasoline is also much more expensive than U.S. prices, usually costing more than double. Consumers usually trade in their used cars for new models every 5 to 6 years even though they are in good running condition and have low mileage. It is a matter of pride for them. You rarely see cars older than this on the Japanese streets. Cars with body damage are considered unsafe and not allowed on the streets. Repair labor costs are very high in Japan so cars with body damage and perfectly running engines are sold at auction.

Japanese Domestic Market (JDM)

The term JDM is used to describe Japan’s economic market for goods and services sold in Japan, and is primarily applied to automobiles and parts. A similar term, USDM (United States Domestic Market) is used for US-market, US-brand goods. In recent years, the popularity of JDM auto parts in the United States and Europe has grown significantly as a result of the import tuning wave. A reason for the sudden rise in popularity of import tuners is style, racing, and drifting, a Japanese motorsport phenomenon that has earned worldwide interest.