Used parts and engines sold by JDM of Miami carry a 60 day warranty from the date shown on invoice. This warranty does not apply to rotary engines or any parts used for competition purposes. In the event of a defective part, we will be responsible to replace or fix the defective part at our discretion.

What our warranty DOES NOT COVER:

Our warranty does not cover competition use, external/attached engine parts (if sold with engine), parts or engines that have been abused or show signs of damage from overheating or improper installation.

Our warranty also does not cover damage resulting from modifications to the components or modifications that cause performance to exceed the original manufacturer’s specifications, including (but not limited to) increasing boost pressure, use of aftermarket turbochargers, improper tuning, etc.

We are not responsible for the failure of emissions and smog tests.

Make sure the engine is not opened, if the engine is opened the warranty will be void.


We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Paypal, Cashier’s Check, Money Order, and personal check.  Purchases paid with personal check, cashier’s check, or money order, will ship out after payment clears (usually 4 business days).  Sales in Florida are assessed 7% sales tax.


Shipping to a business address capable of unloading heavy machinery (loading dock or forklift) is approximately $50-$450.  You can also pick up your engine at the nearest UPS Freight truck dock station for the same cost.  Shipping to a residential address is possible but at a higher cost (approximately $70 including lift gate service).  You may also pick up merchandise at our warehouse.  Merchandise ships out within four business days after payment clears. The customer is responsible for checking the engine/transmission for shipping damage and missing items while the truck driver is still there.

Please be aware that we do not make any profit from shipping charges.  The prices you are given are the exact rates given to us by our freight providers.


JDM of Miami assumes no liability for any damages or injury due to the use and/or installation of our engines/transmissions. Only a trained and certified ASE mechanic should do installation of engines, transmissions, or parts.